About Pinyabcn

My Story

My name is Sara Reixach, I am a yoga instructor, sports coach and businesswoman. I discovered yoga in 2006 in Chicago while studying, in order to find an activity that would allow me to disconnect. I still didn't know then that I had found the passion that was going to become my lifestyle. After graduating from Business school I worked for more than 10 years in the fashion sector in companies such as Mango and Desigual, going through various departments. I always knew that I wanted to lead my personal project with my own values, far away from those of these large multinationals. My passion for yoga and fashion intertwined just at the perfect moment when I decided to start my own sustainable clothing project, Pinyabcn.

My way of living life and fashion

Pinya Barcelona is all about personalities, basic necessary things, simple functionality, easygoing life. It´s about Mediterranean sea, beach and Barcelona, it´s about movement: Cycling, skateboarding, surfing or simply walking through our city streets, the Pinya girl and boy feel free by listening its emerging music, art and street culture.Following ethical values, responsible for the environment and who works in this industry became one of my priorities. Guided by the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, a concept that I always try to keep in mind is AHIMSA: a Sanskrit word that refers to non-violence. It is a symbol of peace and respect for life. In yoga, to practice non-violence refers to being gentle with yourself, not wanting to do more than your body allows. So why put chemically treated artificial materials on your skin that can damage it? Having natural cotton products that take care of our skin and also the planet earth, there is no valid excuse. We must also practice non-violence towards others and planet earth, which this industry punishes so much and is doing irreparable damage if we do not take action soon. We could extend this concept to many situations that we experience daily and I always try to take it into account before making important decisions. Because all actions count, no matter how small.

Sustainable garments for movement

A collection of natural cotton garments designed with love in Barcelona and also produced here by small workshops. Designs that adapt to the woman's body, enhancing her natural curves without hiding the beauty of each one. In the collection 5 different patterns coexist that are repeated in different patterns.

There is a sportswear line that I have designed specifically for practicing yoga and Pilates, although they are suitable for any fitness exercise or for a casual street look. The garments are comfortable, they adjust to your body in movement in any position, always allowing you to keep your own style. You will find t-shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts, joggers and yoga bags in this more sporty line.

The streetwear line is a more urban style with t-shirts, skirts and shorts and tote bags. All the garments are made of 100% cotton except the tight tops that have only 5% elastane so they fit perfectly to your body in any position.

Where am I at this moment?

Currently I am a businesswoman, teacher and student of yoga, wife, mother and friend. I am passionate about my work, I am passionate about teaching and yoga has become the vehicle that has taught me to balance different roles.In recent years I have combined several personal projects with Yoga classes and motherhood. I have had the opportunity to be a founding member of the Chichalimoná restaurant and I have been able to create my own clothing brand Pinyabcn, which you can discover on this website. In addition to managing the 2 projects, I currently teach Yoga classes in various centers and offer online classes. You can find out more about the classes on the Theyogalead website.