About Pinya Barcelona

A trip to freshness

Pinya Barcelona is a new Startup located in Barcelona, an urban city on the Sea. The combination of relaxed cuts but vibrant prints are a reflection of our city on the Sea and street culture: casual, urban, young, Mediterranean, fresh, funny, bold, alternative, original and colorful.

Our story, our style

Everything began on a very ordinary day sitting on the beach in Barcelona feeling the breeze. We are dreamer friends, honest and true to ourselves. We believe that life is the place of expressing yourself and it is too short not to live it your own way. We like fashion and all beautiful things, but we are more believers in personalities. Personal style starts from within you, because it´s a philosophy and an attitude. We are fresh as a pineapples juice, inspiring as a blue sea, fun and elegant as our prints and designs. We are eager to tell you the story of each our items – and let it continue on the own body.

We love fashion and we love people

Pinya Barcelona is all about personalities, basic necessary things, simple functionality, easygoing life. It´s about Mediterranean sea, beach and Barcelona, it´s about movement: Cycling, skateboarding, surfing or simply walking through our city streets, the Pinya girl and boy feel free by listening its emerging music, art and street culture.

Our collection

Our collection is based on casual wardrobe for woman, man and also unisex styles, to be completed with different accessories, unique items and each one’s personal touch of beauty! We design our own clothing collections with different original digital prints on different patterns with cleverly cut silhouettes like T-shirts, Sweaters, Tops, Shorts, Skirts and Towels, all in natural fabrics like organic cotton and made in Europe.

The accessories are meticulously selected by ourselves from nearby artisans based on natural, organic materials like straw, wicker and esparto with leather details placed on typical traditional styles from Catalonia which injects the brand a unique local identity. We are trying to go back to our roots and traditions providing a refreshing, urban and trendy approach.

Our shop

Our own designs will be commercialized in a multichannel way: Online through our web shop to all Europe, offline through other multibrand shops in Barcelona and in other European cities.

About us
About us
Sara at Pinya Bcn's store